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Leah Sanderson

Leah Sanderson is an abstract and landscape artist. Working with her soft touches of oil pastel and interesting marks of color, Leah intuitively creates pieces that evoke peace, intentionality, and timelessness. For Leah, creating was never not an option. As a painter, writer, songwriter, singer and speaker, Leah thrives off of creating depth and purpose into her work. She instills what she is learning and experiencing in life into each work, as she believes that meaning matters and so do you. Leah began painting with friends on her porch as a way to connect with people. She thrives off of creating depth in relationships. For Leah, it has always been about people and that is why she emphasizes that meaning matters in her work. More than the impactful meanings behind her paintings, Leah believes that you matter. You were created to be you and what you dream about can have lasting impacts on the world.


Unlike many of her contemporaries, Leah is primarily self-taught and has her own approach to - and definition of - art. To Leah, art is how we become ourselves. She has a vision to see people become comfortable being the unique individuals they were created to be, through making and discovering art that they love in any way shape or form. To find out more about her philosophy of dreaming, feel free to get in touch.

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