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Who we Are

Wallace-Burke opened its welcoming doors in the spring of 2007 focusing on the artistry of fine jewelry and the custom, hand touched approach to fine jewelry design. The owners, David Hezlep and Preston Foy, bring to the fine jewelry business over 70 years of experience.


“It is our desire at Wallace-Burke to create an environment that is relaxing and entertaining. When you walk into our store, you are walking into our home; it’s just that simple. From our leather chairs and casual sitting area, you can enjoy your favorite libation and catch up on the latest ball game with our 50″ flat screen TV.”


Art carries a personal element in both its creation and inspiration. Imagine creating a new piece of jewelry from your treasured family heirlooms by harvesting the existing gemstones and repurposing them into a new design. These wearable works of art give new life to family heirlooms. Wallace-Burke provides the process of re-inventing old jewelry. Many people have inherited family jewelry that just sits in a dark jewelry box, never seeing the light of day.


“We can harvest the precious stones and create a unique and new piece of jewelry that stills maintains the sentimentality of the family heirloom,” said David.


Besides the design work, Wallace-Burke provides an in house full jewelry repair service as well and with the skill of our award-winning jewelry designer, Patrick Conway, almost anything is possible.


Wallace-Burke can truly be your trusted Alabama jeweler. Our expertise in design and manufacturing will allow you the opportunity to find real values.


Over the years Wallace-Burke has evolved into a venue showcasing local artists in addition to stunning fine jewelry, becoming the perfect destination for local artist to showcase their works. 


In 2020, Wallace-Burke expanded into furniture restoration services. Whether it is an old family heirloom in need of repair or damaged furniture from a move or a pet, Wallace-Burke is your destination and partner for restorations and repair. 


Because of our history and experiences over the years we have developed vital relationships worldwide with quality artisans that enable us to produce almost anything one will ever see or imagine. We, as a rule, do not showcase branded designer lines. First, we can produce it ourselves at a better value and second, we probably will exceed the quality. Art and the process of creating art is an opportunity we invite everyone to experience at Wallace-Burke Fine Jewelry & Art. Taking a family possession, whether it is jewelry or antiques then recreating or refurbishing it, is what Wallace-Burke is all about.  

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