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Catharine Friend

Catharine Friend lives in Birmingham and graduated from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, with a BS in French and additional studies in Art History. Art has been a life long passion of hers, and she has always been pulled towards the creative side of life. She began her serious pursuit of painting in 2001 after retiring from non-profit work. Creating art fills much of her time, whether it is painting in her home studio, taking workshops from well-known instructors, or collaborating with fellow artists through local classes and Birmingham’s Ground Floor Contemporary. 

She is particularly drawn to the human form and all of its complexities, although most subject matter is of tremendous interest to me. Through a variety of media and expression, whether representational or abstract, her work seeks to capture the fleeting unguarded moment. This “snapshot” informs and reveals, soliciting the viewer to pause, reflect, and connect. 

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