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Sheila Cruz

I am inspired through being a wife, mother, sister and grandmother. I've always said "It's the little things" that I love.

The works of my hands have always given me validation whether as a master barber creating that "perfect haircut " or being a mom at home holding my children in my arms. Creating is one of my treasured accomplishments. Sometimes it's difficult, sometimes it's like "falling off a log". Most of all it's a privilege.

I love all mediums and all subjects. I refuse to give into the I “cant’s” of life and choose to embrace the “what if's.” Painting is creating.  It is always a "what if" scenario. Creating is life for me. It has no ending. This is what pushes me to accomplish something I have never done before and to do it at the best of my ability.  I am always willing to push forward and expand my horizons. I like to create from a place of," Living the dream" or from a place of "my worst nightmare". Regardless of the starting point, there is life around us and endless creative possibilities.


As I create, I seek new opportunities to look at each project through many lenses. Each painting is different and I am glad to experience their individual challenges and beauty.

My father always taught me that “Can't, never could do anything” and that has never left me. I create for me. I create to leave behind a voice that says...I was here.

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