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MJ Dobbins

MJ was born in Tennessee and grew up on a farm outside of Chattanooga. Always interested in art, she drew things for teachers in school that inspired and motivated her from then to now. Her parents discouraged her from majoring in art, and she left university early, married, and had three sons. Years later, she returned to university, majored in art, and received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art.

Her husband’s job required travel around the world, and she did not find much time to pursue her art. After a few more moves she landed in Hamburg, Germany where she joined the American Women’s Club and became editor of a monthly news stand publication for a few years which was one of the most reproductive and rewarding jobs to that point. Creativity remained a big part of her life, although not much time was in the studio. 

After her husband’s retirement, she began to attend small, casual drawing classes that sparked her enthusiasm once again. She finally has the time and resources to pursue her long-time passion that had been dormant for years. She feels she is now becoming a better artist now that she might have been due to life experiences and no longer having fragile confidence that was once discouraged easily by a good critique.

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