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Kathryn Price

Kathryn Price lives in Historic Mooresville, Alabama with her husband, Lewis.  Kathryn fell in love with the painting process that includes problem-solving skills. She finds much pleasure trying to learn to see big shapes, values, and composition. “To me, art is a geometry problem,” says Price. “You are given a canvas and an idea, then you go through the steps to prove your creation connects with someone.” She believes as painters learn and grow as artists, they constantly challenge themselves with new endeavors. “Painting is learning how to see and achieving what your eye can discern,” she says. 

From time to time, Price will dabble in abstract paintings mainly due to how she approaches an impressionistic painting.  She feels that when she starts more abstractly, the impressionistic painting will become more loose and more painterly.  She begins with lines and shapes to help define where the viewer’s eye will go.  As the painting progresses, she continues to refine until the painting takes on the characteristics of an impressionistic painting.  

Price is an equestrian, master gardener, and flower arranger, and she was taught to paint what you know. Thus, she loves to paint horses in motion and still life set ups featuring her garden flowers. 

Kathryn likes to paint from chaos to quietness, and it may be a metaphor not only for a journey in art but also for a journey in life.  

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