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Heather Kathleen

I am an artist that has a background in fashion and Illustration.. I have fused my illustration with mixed media by mixing acrylic paint, watercolors, markers, pen and crayon, fluid acrylics, and papers of all kinds. Check out my blog to see some of the woys I do this;

Born and raised in beautiful South Africa, both of my parents were artists who raised me to love art in so many genres - painting. music. dancing. and more. This love for beautiful art followed me to the United States when I moved in 1993. My background in fashion illustration and design heavily influences my artwork, yet my work is also affected by a deep love for flowers and their colors - strong yet fragile. I seek to capture this strength and beauty in every piece I create.

Along with fashion-inspired pieces, you will also find abstract work on my site. My abstracts are specifically an expression of my love for shapes, form, color, and free form. I don't think too hard about my color theme or shape theme - I just have fun with it and let the piece guide my hand!


I have traveled to many places, and get my inspiration from everywhere I go. My work comes from a deep love for painting every day. I do everything I can to learn new ways to express my artwork by reading books and trying new things. Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

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